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This is a social networking site aimed at supporting the grant funders in the United Kingdom.

Applicants for grants may use this site to organise themselves, or to fill out forms for funding bodies which have subscribed to our Grant Application Form system.

Funding bodies may subscribe to the forms and also to the online Grant Application Processor - GAP - which helps manage the complete grants process.
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Why are we here?

GAPgrants is the public face of GAP - a suite of products from Bright Systems Ltd which provides help with all aspects of Grant Management

We developed a social network for another project - but realised that the benefits of such a network are universal. GAPgrants is here to share information around. As a funder you can set up discussion groups aimed at furthering your cause. Applicants might set up groups to help each other - and getting grants is just the start.

GAPgrants is a communication tool

Primarily a communication tool, anyway. It is also a way of engaging people with the business of grant funding in much more general terms.

As a place to talk about your organisation, build links with other organisations, share information and insights, drive the debate forward, and democratise the whole process, GAPgrants is just waiting to be used.

How is GAPgrants funded?

At present Bright Systems pays for it.

It is supported out of revenues from our GAP range of products.

It is intended in the long run to be supported more independantly using subscriptions from member organisations - for example a registration fee - in the region of 50 a year for a medium sized organisation, but set at something well within the reach of any organisation wishing to join.

Is there advertising?

Well - some. Bright Systems are trying to sell grant management software. But these advertisements are ONLY on the main website pages - when you join the network you are not even aware of them!

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